Thursday, September 3, 2009

Tribute by Rev.Dr.Y.Jeyaraj - Former General Superintendent , General Council of the Assemblies of God of India

Pastor Stanley Vasu, President
Madras Pentecostal Assembly

Dear Bro. Stanley Vasu,

Greetings in Jesus' Name!

What a joy it is to write a few lines of salutations about one of our dearly beloved former Pentecostal leaders of India, Pastor John Vasu, as MPA commemorates the birth centenary of its co-founder, as well as the Platinum Jubilee of their organization! My personal association with Pastor J Vasu started in the year 1949, the same year I committed my life to full-time ministry.

All-India Pentecostal Pastor's Fellowship was the vision of Pastor John Vasu as early as 1949. By this time he was the advisory member of the World Pentecostal Conference. He convened the first All-India Pentecostal Pastor's Conference at Madras and had Donald Gee of the U.K., Levy Patros of Sweden, and Maynard Ketcham of the U.S.A as the great guest speakers. One of these All-India Pentecostal Pastor's Conferences, under his leadership, was conducted at Courtallam in the year 1959. This was only one of the accomplishments that Pastor J. Vasu has achieved in his lifetime.

Pastor J. Vasu has been used by God to do great things among the nation of India, specifically regarding the Pentecostal Fellowship. He, with the help of God, has brought the Pentecostal churches together in unity. I have fond memories of Pastor John Vasu as a great leader and a great friend. I wish all success to the MPA Church as they celebrate the birth centenary of Pastor J. Vasu and the Platinum Jubilee of their organization!

Should Jesus tarry, I wish and pray that the MPA will continue to grow in leaps and bounds and be a blessing to the nation of India!

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