Thursday, September 3, 2009

Greetings from Rev.Dr.R.Abraham - National Secretary , Pentecostal Fellowship of India

Dear Friends,

Greetings in the matchless name of our soon coming Lord Jesus Christ. I am happy to join with Pastor Stanley Vasu and the MPA family to remember God's faithfulness in your ministry for the last 75 years.

At this juncture my thoughts go to the great apostle of faith Pastor John Vasu whom God has raised a century ago to bear the witness of the Lord Jesus Christ. He was truly a man of vision and committment and became one of the founding fathers of the pentecostal movement in India. I had the privilege of hearing great stories of his ministry not only in India but also across many countries of the world.He was Mighty among the Great.

The Madras Pentecostal Assembly which had its humble beginnings as a Sunday school ministry has grown in the last 75 years to become a great organization with hundreds of churches, orphanages,bible schools and so on. I really enjoyed my friendship with late Pastor PrabhuDas Vasu and also had the honour of being present for the dedication of Pastor Stanley Vasu to take over the Leadership.

May the Good Lord bless the MPA ministry under the dynamic leadership of Pastor Stanley Vasu and take it greater horizons in the coming days.

Yours in His commission
Rev Dr R.Abraham

National Secretary
Pentecostal Fellowship of India

General Secretary
New India Church of God

Managing Director
Power Vision TV

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