Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tribute by Rev.Dr.Freddie Macden , U.S.A

It was in 1953 that I had my first chance to meet Dr John Vasu, a great saint and an apostle for our times. He was the main speaker for a convention in Calicut, where I was visiting along with my parents. Later on we as a family had more opportunities to get acquainted and be in fellowship with him and the Madras Pentecostal Assembly.

In 1955,as per the definite calling of God into His ministry,I resigned my job and joined the M.P.A Bible School upon the invitation from Dr John Vasu. As a student I had the advantage of being taught by both Pastor and Mrs Kirubai Vasu. He was a mighty man of the Word. Once during a message about Moses, the cane used by one of the elderly Pastor became 'Moses' rod' and the back-drop screen, the rock! I was blessed to be able to listen to the powerful expounding of the Word preached in English and translated by Kirubai aunty. Not only was he a profound speaker with a good command of English, he was also an author of many powerful messages in the periodical "The Balm Of Gilead".

In 1956 November some of us students were asked to accompany him to Polur for special meetings. I had the privilege to be his translator. Being trained under him paved the way for my future ministry. I value his discipline and his insight to discern the type of calling each of us had.

On April 22nd of 1957 I had the great honor to be ordained by Pastor John Vasu at M.P.A and to be commissioned to new work in Kadaperi,Tambaram along with late Rev Bhasker Dawson. Later I was asked to take up the charge of Pallavaram,Chrompet churches.

I also remember the day he came to dedicate the new ministry my parents started in a village near Thiruvallur.Shortly after that he left for Europe for extended ministry.On his return in Jan 1962 a great gathering of the believers welcomed him. There was a spirit of rejoicing in the air and anticipation of the great things yet to take place in the ensuing years.

No one would have imagined that the life of this stalwart would be cut short. Few months after his return he fell ill. Hearing this I went to see him. Mrs Vasu was sitting by his bed.He suddenly started to speak in tongues and as his spirit left his earthly body ,his head slid from the pillow. To this day I count it as a great privilege and honour that I could be there to put his head back on the pillow.

As we read in John 5:35 "He was a burning and a shining light and ye were willing for a season to rejoice in his light." could be very well said of Dr N.G.John Vasu. May the Lord continue to equip and empower the progeny of late Dr John Vasu and the believers of Madras Pentecostal Assembly to carry the torch and fulfill his legacy in the will of God.


Rev.Freddie Macden

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