Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tribute by Rev.Dr.Christopher David - nephew of Pastor John Vasu

Dear Dr. Stanley:

We rejoice along with you for the faithfulness of God in bringing the Vasu’s family thus far. Thank you for informing us about the Birth Centenary of Pastor John Vasu, and the Platinum Jubilee of the Madras Pentecostal Assembly.

My uncle John Vasu played a pivotal role in moulding my spiritual life which impacted my Christian life to make me what I am today. I always remember his simple lifestyle, powerful preaching and his consistent prayer life. He was bold to preach the word of God in the street corners of Madras and humble enough to be close to anyone who needed prayer, counsel and help.

Out of the eight siblings who were Hindus, only three were alive and Uncle John Vasu, loved his younger sisters - my mother Mrs. Jaya David and my aunt Mrs. Lilly Anbu Titus and made a commitment to take care of them. Uncle, though he was fully involved in building the MPA church and its branches, he had a personal touch with each one of his family members.

While my parents were pioneer missionaries in Yelagiri hills, in 1948-50, where there were no roads, Uncle Vasu and my Aunt Lilly climbed the hills which took one full day so they could come and meet us. While massaging him that night, I remember him telling me “It is easier to go to heaven than to come and see you all in this hills.”

During the time of his sicknesses, I always spent my holidays with him and accompanied him to many cities to serve him. We enjoyed gathering around his bed singing songs and listening to him explain from the Bible.

The legacy that Uncle John Vasu has left behind would be remembered by many generations and carried through in the midst of opposition to build the Kingdom of God. Praise be to the Lord for the life of my beloved Uncle John Vasu!

Rev. Dr. Christopher David
David’s Sling Seminars Secunderabad

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