Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tribute by Mrs.Vasanthakumari Pushpanathan - Secretary , Madras Pentecostal Assembly Mission

Praise the Lord. It is a great privilege to pen a few words about our beloved late Superintending Pastor John Vasu. The inception of M.P.A. Ministry was in a pathetic economic background. But a jealous feeling for Christ with sincere love and affection towards one another with humility among them was quite conspicuous at that time.

We were living in the third house from our church at Royapettah. One particular incident I would like to point out at this juncture. My only sister late Bakthakumari and myself in our early childhood used to collect fig fruits from our church compound near the main gate every day early morning at 5 a.m. before others could get up. One fine morning some how Pastor John Vasu saw us stealing the fruits and called us to come upstairs with what we had in our hands. We both went to him with tears and trembling hands. But to our great surprise he hugged and kissed us, saying My children everyday you do this job regularly. Because this will be our breakfast in future. He had special care and love towards both of us, because we had lost our father when I was 3 years old. My grand mother late Mrs. Thayaramma since that day took special interest on both the Pastors by feeding the children of God with breakfast. Even now when I visit Royapettah Church, I cannot forget that very old incident.

My grand father late Pastor Mannasiah who came from an Orthodox Hindu background was saved by God’s grace through the founder and co-founder of M.P.A. Mission. Later he was pastoring a branch of M.P.A. Mission at Cheyyar till his old age.

Once when my Grand father was doing street preaching at Kolakaranpet Bus stand, he met one Brahmin and took him to Pastor John Vasu to guide him for salvation. By God’s grace later he became the founder of Indian Christian Assembly Mission at Polur. He was late Pastor S.B. Daniel (Polur). Thus numerous persons got saved through Pastor John Vasu by God’s grace and became Pastors in different parts of India.

Pastor John Vasu was very much concerned about his flock. When my mother late Dr. Balammal became a young widow, and when she was running a nursing Home in Andhra Pradesh at Mudinepalli, Pastor John Vasu used to visit her regularly once or twice in a month in the midst of difficulties, with full of burden and a compassionate heart for that one soul, without seeing the distance. You can imagine his responsibility and love towards his sheep.

In those days they had a small bullock cart for their transportation. Even now I remember Pastor John Vasu riding the bullock cart with turban on his head.

God bestowed healing gift on Pastor John Vasu and people were miraculously healed by his prayers. So in those days, who ever fell sick they rarely went for medical aid because they received Divine healing from God by the prayer of our Pastor. In my childhood once I had Tummy problem and I did not pass stools for 9 days. My stomach looked like a full term pregnancy and both lower limbs were swollen. Pastor came home and prayed for me and before he could leave our house by God’s grace I got instant healing. Praise be to God.

Mrs. Vasantha kumari Pushpanathan

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