Thursday, September 3, 2009

7 Christlike Qualities of Pastor John Vasu: By Pastor Stanley Vasu

From the testimonies that I have heard and read about Pastor John Vasu , I would like to highlight some aspects of his life and ministry which have challenged me deeply . I trust that others too would find it inspiring and worth emulating.



He had a deep faith in Christ which he demonstrated by forsaking his religion and his family and all familiar surroundings and setting out to serve God like Abraham not knowing where he was going. The Lord honoured his faith and obedience and blessed him.

Hebrews 11:8 , Isaiah 51:2 ,Mark 10: 28-30, Matthew 10:32-42 , James 2:14-26


He had a fatherly love towards people. He was an outstanding preacher himself yet he often invited younger ministers to speak and thus encouraged their ministry. As Apostle Paul said ' Even though you have ten thousand instructors , you do not have many fathers'. Many young ministers during his days have testified that Pastor John Vasu took a fatherly concern towards them and encouraged the development and fulfillment of their calling and ministry.

1 corinthians 4:15


He bore fruit in his life and ministry that has lasted long after his sojourn on the earth. The ministry that he did, the churches that he planted , the young people he had encouraged and mentored are still bearing fruit and even their descendants are serving the Lord and accomplishing great things for the Kingdom of God. This shows that his labours were not in vain but are continuing to bear fruit even today. He was careful not to waste his time and efforts chasing popularity or position or serving God with ulterior motives . He had served God with sincerity and truth so that his ministry had lasting fruit. Even
in his personal life he had demonstrated the fruit of the Spirit such as love , joy , peace, meekness etc.

John 15:16 Galatians 5:22-23 Matthew 7:20


He had a very forgiving nature and many have testified that even in very provocative situations , he maintained his tender spirit refusing to give any place in his heart to resentment or bitterness. No doubt this quality was greatly beneficial in his leadership responsibilities and helped to maintain and harmony especially in the pastors fellowships that he led.

Ephesians 4:32


He travelled abroad in Europe and America and many have testified that his ministry there was a great blessing. He had made such a deep impact in the hearts of the people there that even today many have fond memories of his visits. In an era when many westerners had a condescending attitude towards Indians and Indian preachers , Pastor John Vasu commanded their respect by his stature and personal integrity and spiritual maturity. Many of the outstanding international christian leaders of his era were his personal friends.

Mark 16:15 Acts 1:8 Acts 11: 27-30


He loved the fellowship of the people of God and fellow servants of God. He did not prefer to live and work in isolation but was burdened for the unity and harmony of all the churches. He wanted to do his best to remove divisions and misunderstandings and bitterness between the people of God and the servants of God. As a result he was chosen to provide leadership to the pastors fellowships.

John 17 :21 1 Corinthians 12:12 Matthew 5:9


He finished his race triumphantly keeping his faith till the end . He did not stray away from his calling and ministry or wander into strange doctrines . He stayed in the course given to him and completed the task that was given to him. He wanted to die in harness and labour till his last breath. He said that it is better to wear out than rust out. Even a few days before he passed away he travelled a long distance for the ground breaking ceremony for the construction of a church in a village.

Hebrews 13:7 2 Timothy 4:7 Hebrews 12:1-2 Psalm 37:37

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