Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tribute by Dr. Y.David Williams - Capstone Global Outreach

It is with exquisite joy I send Shalom Greetings and commendations to Madras Pentecostal Assembly for their 75th anniversary of platinum Jubilee celebration! and the Birth Centenary of Pastor John Vasu. How I rejoice over the Vision and Mission of the founding fathers namely, Pastor Jacob, Pastor John Vasu, which was continued by Pastor G.N. Chockalingam, Pastor Prabudoss Vasu whom God has used over the years to establish Madras Pentecostal Assembly. Now the Lord has Chosen His servant, Dr. Stanley Vasu to become the President and Superintending Pastor to carry out the Mission of MPA.

As I look back over the years when I was a young boy of five years of age, PAM School at Pallavaram run by MPA groomed me with rudimentary principles of the word of God in a Godly environment through the Holy Spirit filled teachers. Their commitment to education and discipline prepared me to say yes to the call of God upon my life at the age of 10. The elementary education I received from Madras Pentecostal Assembly School equipped me for the ministry to which God has called me as my Sister and I travelled from Tambaram to Pallavaram with my Mother Mrs. Esther Williams, who was the Headmistress of the PAM School, Pallavaram at that time.

Even though I moved on to other Schools for my higher Secondary education, my parents involved our family in many of the Christian Ministries of the Madras Pentecostal Assembly. I vividly remember participating in a Bible Knowledge contest headed by Evangelist John Kumeravel through MPA monthly publication titled “Balm of Gilead”. The Evangelist offered Rs 15.00 as the first prize for anyone who can reference maximum number of Scriptures on “Praise”. I took the challenge and won the First Prize. The Bible knowledge contest again challenged me to read and search the scriptures diligently. Madras Pentecostal Assembly again was an instrumental in preparing me to be a bold witness for the Lord as I studied the Word of God through their Correspondence Course titled “Eternal Life”. Indeed I became a graduate of basic doctrines of the Bible through MPA.

Having been blessed and equipped by Madras Pentecostal Assembly School, Christian Publication and Correspondence Courses I consider myself, a genuine “Product of MPA” as God has brought me to the place of Christian Leadership in the United States of America to plant and oversee several thousands of Churches in 24 countries, raise hundreds of orphans, train thousands of Pastors, Evangelists, Missionaries and Laity through our University Program.

On this momentous occasion, I remember Pastor Prabhudoss Vasu , a great man of God, with whom I had wonderful times of fellowship whenever I ministered at the MPA church in Royapettah. I had the privilege to spend some time with him for the last time shortly before he went to be with the Lord.

As Madras Pentecostal Assembly commemorates its 75th year platinum Jubilee and the Birth Centenary of Pastor John Vasu, It is with deep appreciation I praise God for MPA and its Mission in India. May the Lord continue to pour out His Blessings upon Madras Pentecostal Assembly and its new leader, Pastor Stanley Vasu and his family, his Mother Mrs. Anusuya Vasu, his Sister Pamela Israel, Her Husband, Rev. Dr. Israel Jebaraj, Brother Ernest Vasu, as well as the associate Pastors, Evangelists, Branch Churches, Schools and Socially concerned Projects in a special way with His fresh anointing and that like never before!. May the Lord continue to cause Madras Pentecostal Assembly to be the beacon over the city of Chennai and the nation of India for His honor and purposes!

Dr. Y. David Williams
International President and Overseer
Capstone Global Outreach, Inc. USA.

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