Thursday, September 3, 2009

Tribute by Mrs. Sheila Allwin - daughter of Pastor John Vasu


I am proud to be your daughter. I lost you when I was 15 years old . Your loss is great . I missed you for the past 46 years . I express a few things about my feelings . Your only son Prabhu has already joined you in the Heavenly Home. Your grandson Stanley has not seen you , yet he is honouring your 100th Birthday in 2009.

Your Ministry

Here I wish to share a few things about you dad. You have been an untiring warrior in the army of God. You taught the word of God full of zeal and enthusiasm. You preached the word of God calmly and slowly. Yet it came out with mighty power and authority. You fed your flock with deep and strong foundation. People from other churches rushed to MPA to hear your message after attending their church . They said that the spiritual food here is so tasty and filling to our souls.

Your Vision

You had a burden for native missionaries and pioneered many churches in villages in Tamilnadu and Andhra Pradesh. Your counseling and guidance edified one and all. You encouraged uneducated men and women and was so firm to make them read the bible by themselves.

You sacrificed your privileges and pleasures to make others happy and blessed. Those who came with distress , you encouraged them with powerful words.

You had great desire and passion for souls. Your dedication and commitment was so strong . Your devoted life touched many lonely and rejected people.

Your exemplary life was a great role model to young and old. In 1956 When I was 10 years old , you started a ministry for the widows who had no shelter and food and gladly provided the best food and shelter to them. They lived peacefully with love and care until their death.


Once when you visited London , your hostess took your clothes for washing. As she started to wash , suddenly a great anointing passed through her like an electric current and immediately she received the Holy Spirit. She came out of the washroom shouting with joy ' Oh ! how many years I waited to receive the Holy Spirit but today I received power as I touched his clothes '.

Another time God told you to go to a foreign country whose language you did not know. You just obeyed and flew there . As you were coming down from the plane , in every step you kept saying Hallelujah. When you reached the last step you were in anxiety and so you shouted a very big hallelujah. A native pastor immediately reached out to your hand and shouted Hallelujah . What an amazing experience . Both of you went together to his home rejoicing even though you did not know each other's language.

Your spiritual nourishment was excellent. You lived with clean words and actions . Your spiritual wisdom and knowledge was a great treasure to us. Through your instructions you made me to read 5 chapters daily kneeling from the bible. when I was 12 years old I had already finished reading the word of God 4 times.

I still follow your wish though I am 62 years old now. Well it was not an easy childhood to be the daughter of an orthodox Pentecostal Pastor , Yet it was so glorious and enlightening as I look back now and understand how much it contributed to my spiritual growth. Thank you Dad. I remain

Your daughter


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